Valtopina truffle exhibition

Truffle Market Exhibition – Valtopina

In trade fair area of Valtopina, town near the Subasio Mount, every November, it starts the Truffle Market Exhibition in which, in addition to the precious tuber, they are presented all the culinary excellence of central Umbria.

The event, over the years, has made Valtopina, and the entire territory of the Mount Subasio Community, an important reference point for the commercialization and tasting of white and black truffles.

Valtopina truffle exhibition

The Truffle Show involved about 90 exhibiting companies of local products and handicrafts from Umbria. Thousands of fans, in two weekends in late November, flock to the village of Valtopina and, in the stands and in the restaurants, they are groped by delicious dishes inspired by traditional Umbrian truffles.

Valtopina truffle exhibition

Valtopina becomes a container of music, culture and gastronomy. The days of the event are animated by traveling exhibitions, painting shows, guided tours to discover the treasures of art and embroidery, nature walks in the valley of the Topino and the Mount Subasio Park.

Within the exhibition there are an antique market and a hobby department. You can participate in seminars, comparing the Italian and European countries best practices of truffle, cooking classes, discussions on popular beliefs and scientific knowledge regarding mushrooms and truffles of the Umbrian Apennines. In the program of the event it is also inserted the “National Race of search for truffle dog” and a gathering of campers.

Valtopina truffle exhibition

The tastings are undoubtedly the most appreciated and expected of Show Truffle. Every day the Hall of Excellence is dedicated to a Umbrian food: bruschetta with new extra virgin oil of  “bread, oil and imagination tasting”; ricotta cheese, artisan cheeses and fresh stracchino of  “flavors of Umbrian pastoralism”; omelette with truffles, craft beer and, at the end, the Castelluccio IGP lentils seasoned with DOP extra virgin olive of the Assisi-Spoleto Hills.

This year the Truffle Market Exhibition of Valtopina will take place from November 23 to November 24, 2019. You find the detailed program of the event in the event’s official website.

November 26th, 2019

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