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Paragliding in Two: flight on Subasio Park

Subasio overlooks the town of Assisi and the valley of the central Umbria, it is a fantastic place to practice paragliding and hang gliding, and it is common to see the experts fly over the Seraphic Civitas. You observe them and think how exciting it would be stay up there with them!

From several years, a group of riders with proven flight experience, shares his passion, allowing everyone a unique experience in a unique place. The team of “Paragliding in Two” offers, to fans not experienced, a spectacular flight over the skies of Assisi and Spello, taking off from the top of the Park (altitude 1290 meters).

Gliding on Subasio

Supported by an experienced instructor, who is authorized to carry passengers, everyone (from 30 to 110 kg) can try a tandem paragliding adventure. The pilot is sitting behind you, you are enveloped in a comfortable harness. It starts at the top with a short ride on a lawn downhill, the soil will move away slowly beneath your feet and you are already in flight.

The driver will take you into the sky above Assisi without you having to do anything. The passenger gets in a kaleidoscope of sensations: security, simplicity, lightness, freedom, joy; a light breeze is blowing on the face and so much adrenaline is flowing into body. You will enjoy the journey, taking some selfie and shooting the video of the experience; this material at the end of the flight you will be given, as a further reminder of the unforgettable journey (bring a USB memory).

After this unusual gliding, the pilot will land the paraglider on a lawn in Viole of Assisi town, while in your eyes will still be imprinted images of the fantastic Umbrian landscape seen from above.

Paragliding in Two

The launches are booked every day according to weather conditions, the instructors will decide the feasibility, choosing the most appropriate times to paragliding.

“Paragliding in Two” expands the wide range of services already available for visitors of Assisi and Subasio; it is a gift idea out of the ordinary, a way to make unforgettable your important events or just an opportunity to make a different experience, exciting and fun.

The Association has a shuttle service with three vans to reach takeoffs. For hotel of Subasio Park, it is provided, included in the price, shipping and return of the passenger directly from the place of accommodation.

To have information ask for Vittorio.

June 12th, 2018

2 thoughts on “Paragliding in Two: flight on Subasio Park”

  1. Is there a ‘class’ to be a Parapenting pilot?
    How long does the course take?
    When does the course starts
    And what are the costs?

  2. We are staying in the area of MOUNT SUBASIO VALTOPINA.
    We might be interested in Paraglyding.
    Is that possible on the following dates: 11th august afternoon or 12th in the morning or afternoon?
    Warm regards.

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