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Open Cellars, Calici di Stelle – Umbria and the wine

The Italian agrifood has Umbria as a region of excellence. A deep agricultural tradition, a respect for the territory, the quality of products and the delicious cuisine make known our region in the world. In this context, Open Cellars, the event proposed by the Wine Tourism Movement, has in Umbria one of its flagships.
In the Assisiate territory around the Subasio, the culture of the vine has an importance comparable to the olive; local producers have received prestigious awards with quality labels such as “Villa Fidelia” Red.

Open Cellars Umbria

Many towns of Umbria excel for vines and wines produced: Bettona, Cannara, Bevagna and Torgiano. Umbria finds in: Montefalco, his Sagrantino and the beautiful vineyards surrounding this medieval village the best of the wine’s movement.

The last weekend of May, at Open Cellars, tourists, curious and wine lovers have the opportunity to get into the most renowned wineries, to discover the secrets of wine making and the refinement, to taste the best Umbrian wines and to buy them directly inside the farm. Thanks to the many initiatives of gastronomic and artistic culture grown around the event, this demonstration has gained over the years an increasing success and it collects in the entire Italian territory more than a million visitors and tourists.

Open Cellars
Open Cellars – A Day in the Cellar

Among the events included in Open Cellars, there are:
– “A Meal with the Winemaker” dinner on Saturday in the cellar, to discover the flavors of traditional local cuisine, washed down by the best labels;
– “A Day in the Cellar”, a Sunday to discover the fascinating world of wine production of Umbria and the secrets of processes, with the possibility to participate in specifications tastings.

Open Cellars

Open Cellars 2019 will take place on Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26. In recent years, other important dates are added to the traditional spring event:

Calici di Stelle in the Night of San Lorenzo (August 10, 2019) where: wineries, villages and squares celebrate the night of the shooting stars with a glass of wine and many culinary delights of Umbria.
The event Calici di Stelle, which takes place in the town of Torgiano, is very popular. As every year, you can watch the rain of “tears of St. Lawrence” while sipping a glass of wine. Along the streets of the town, you can taste, with a symbolic ticket, the dishes offered by ProLoco, restaurants and local farms, accompanied by the 5 DOC and D.O.C.G. of Umbria.

Calici di Stelle Torgiano
Torgiano – town of Calici di Stelle

Open Cellars in San Martino (November 2019), autumn event where: taste the wine from the last harvest, combined with seasonal products, participate in tastings, lunches with the winemaker and many activities until sunset.

Open Cellars for Christmas (December 2019): Christmas event in the cellars of Umbria. The winemakers propose: candlelight dinners, tastings of typical dishes, musical entertainment. Wine lovers have the opportunity to do or make themselves a nice Christmas gift.

The farmhouses of Subasio are a great point of reference for enjoy these events.

March 19th, 2019

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