Open Crushers Umbria - extra virgin olive oil

Crusher Open – Umbrian Extra virgin oil feast

The gastronomy event Crusher Open is the absolute protagonist of the Umbrian November. This month is dedicated to the olive harvest and the extra virgin oil production; it is the most popular typical product of the Assisi‘s area and one of the most characteristic of Umbria.

The brand “Hills Assisi-Spoleto“, the DOP that characterizes this zone, providing for a strict composition of varieties (cultuvar) of olives (Moraiolo of at least 60%, Frantoio and Leccino for a maximum of 30%) which give the oil produced an intense fruity aroma.

Crusher Open Umbria - Food and wine events

The green gold of Assisi and Spello, emerald green in color with golden reflexes; it is highly herbaceous olfactory taste of just pressed olives, pleasantly spicy with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is suited to dress grilled meat, roasted mushrooms, foods from hunting, soups, cereals and bruschetta of all kinds.

Crushers open Umbria - Norberto painting

In the period of Crusher Open, during the olive harvest, to follow the road of Subasio that connects Collepino to Spello means going back in time; in the middle of expanse of olive trees that surround the path, sprouting here and there: men with ladders, tarps, rakes and bags full, just like in a picture of Norberto painter.

Crushers open Umbria - harvesting olives

The harvesting is carried out, in fact, with methods linked to the ancient peasant culture. The olive must not have completed the maturation and the oil is cold extracted in the hours immediately after. This helps to reduce free acidity (oleic acid less than 0.50%) and to maximize the number of polyphenols, natural antioxidants for our body.

With an old tradition in the production of oil, the pressing is a celebration that for several years, thanks to Crusher Open; the event involves all citizens and the increasing number of tourists.

Crushers open Umbria - Extra virgin oil

All Weekend of November are dedicated to tastings, tours, concerts of popular music, traditional games for children and adults, cooking schools, educational farms, hiking and horseback riding. Free shuttles are active from cities art to major mills of the area, thus linking the tastings with visiting tours to theaters, medieval castles, churches, monasteries and palaces.

Crushers open - bruschetta

Crusher Open 2018 will take place in 4 weekend (1st Weekend: November 1 to 4, 2nd: November 10 to 11; 3rd: November 17 to 18; 4th: November 24 to 25).

If you come from outside the region to taste the specialties of Umbria, we recommend you stay at one of the farm houses of Subasio.

In conjunction with the event Crusher Open, in the 11 beautiful castles of the Assisi’s territory, it takes place UNTO Unesco Nature Territory Oil, an occurrence which aims to emphasize the historical and cultural heritage of Assisi, tying it to the typical products of the territory.

Speaking of extra virgin oil, going to the supermarket to buy it at a bargain price it’s surely more comfortable; pick your olives, bring them to grind and know what’s inside that bottle it’s definitely better. You have the choice.

October 17th, 2018

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