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Hiking to summit of Subasio and from Stazzi to San Giovanni

Let’s talk again about hiking on Mount Subasio Park, nature, history and peasant life. In fact, until the mid-twentieth century, the existing hiking trails were ways of communication and services for the inhabitants of the “mountain”, accustomed to living daily in a mixture of hate and love with the rugged nature that surrounded them.

Over the centuries, the Trail 53(renumbered 353) and 55(355), the two routes of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) taken into consideration in this article, have been covered countless times by hardworking farmers Continue reading Hiking to summit of Subasio and from Stazzi to San Giovanni

April 28th, 2016

Excursions on Subasio: Marchetto Canyon

Mount Subasio is a paradise for lovers of trekking; there are many excursion opportunities for experts and amateurs. One of the most characteristic is, without doubt, the one that goes up the Marchetto Canyon to discover the spectacular gorges carved by the river.

The eastern side of the park is particularly rich in springs, ditches and streams that allow rainwater to run off from the top of Subasio. Continue reading Excursions on Subasio: Marchetto Canyon

April 28th, 2016

The wild orchids of Mount Subasio Park

Between April and June 2015 we had a holiday dedicated to research and classification of wild orchids in Umbria, in particular those in the area of Mount Subasio. At the beginning we already knew that the territory of the park, thanks to its morphology, the terrain and the absence of herbicides, was an ideal habitat for these beautiful flowers, but what we admired it went beyond our expectations. The number of species of wild orchids present impressed us. Continue reading The wild orchids of Mount Subasio Park

June 15th, 2015

Open Cellars, Calici di Stelle – Umbria and the wine

The Italian agrifood has Umbria as a region of excellence. A deep agricultural tradition, a respect for the territory, the quality of products and the delicious cuisine make known our region in the world. In this context, Open Cellars, the event proposed by the Wine Tourism Movement, has in Umbria one of its flagships.
In the Assisiate territory around the Subasio, the culture of the vine has an importance comparable to the olive; local producers have received prestigious awards with quality labels such as “Villa Fidelia” Red.

Continue reading Open Cellars, Calici di Stelle – Umbria and the wine
March 19th, 2019

Excursion from Assisi to Spello along the Trail of Mortai

Trekking lovers get ready; today we’ll do the crossing of Mount Subasio from Assisi to Spello for the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) trails. The journey is long but not difficult and concentrates within it the best that Umbria has to offer: the historical and architectural wonders of two of the most beautiful medieval towns in the region, the Franciscan spirituality of the hermitages, the pristine nature, the landscape, and the traditions.

To complete the path, it is necessary a full day of walking (6-7 hours). On the foothills of Subasio Continue reading Excursion from Assisi to Spello along the Trail of Mortai

April 28th, 2016

Planet Earth Week festival – Geopaleontology Exhibition

The Planet Earth Week is the Italian Geoscience festival (10/14-21/2018) with events all over the country; the Monte Subasio regional park is one of the main protagonist. During this week, a lot of diffent events will take place such as: tours to historical towns, museums, and research institutes as well as hexibitions, conferences, workshops, meetings, brainstorms, and social dinners. Futhermore, childrens and teens will be able to join hands-on-lab experiments, art and music activities Continue reading Planet Earth Week festival – Geopaleontology Exhibition

October 14th, 2018

Narcissus between nature and myth

I dedicated the previous article to the cornflower because it’s my favorite flower, now we talk and know more closely, the king and the undisputed symbol of Subasio: the Narcissus.

Its name is synonymous of self-esteem, vanity and alas inability to love. Ovid, in the third book of the Metamorphoses, tells the story of this beautiful young man, son of the river Cephisus and the nymph Liriope. Many were the suitors of Narcissus, including the nymph Echo, who because of her loquacity  Continue reading Narcissus between nature and myth

January 24th, 2015

Plants and flowers – Cornflower

I do not know how many of you remember it, but I remind very well these strokes of blue in the fields in front of my grandparents’ house in Armenzano, now unfortunately we see many less, but I still find someone, perhaps near poppies. Let us find together the origins and secrets of this beautiful flower. Cornflower name probably comes from the French “fleur de lys” (flower of lily), the specific name is “Centaurea cyanus” where cyanus comes from greek “kyanos” (substance dark blue), referring to the predominant color of these flowers even if is not the only one.
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January 24th, 2015