Armenzano nativity scene

Living Nativity of Armenzano

The Living Nativity of Armenzano is among the longest-lived of Assisi Christmas pageants. In the small medieval village inside Subasio Park, local people remember the most important moments related to the birth of Jesus: the Angel’s announcement to Mary, the doubts of Joseph, Mary to Elizabeth, the anger of Herod for the new Messiah , the Census, the arrival of the Three Kings. The acted scenes are alternated by interludes of everyday life
, the shoemaker, the miller, the stonecutter, the mason, the pastor and everything culminates with the nativity of Christ: Mary, Joseph and the child (always a real baby) in a stable with the donkey, the ox and the true spirit of Christmas. The Comet Star will show you the way.

Landscape Armenzano

The town is transformed. Each inhabitant, as well as, participate in the representation, contributes to the clothes, to decorate his cellar, home, garage to accommodate the more important scenes of the Nativity of Bethlehem.
The ancient conformation of Armenzano made up of three concentric circles of housing, the incomparable sky, lighting made only by torches and small fireplaces, are perfectly suitable to the re-enactment of the nativity scene and really it seems to have stepped back in time.

Living Nativity Armenzano

To warm the cold winter night, and make everything perfect, no one misses: to taste the artisan hot mulled wine, to refresh themselves with a plate of pasta with sauce or with a umbrian Torta al testo with sausages and cooked herb, available at the tavern near the entrance of Armenzano.

From few years you can take advantage of free parking spaces in new camper area near the town, in order to make access to visitors even more enjoyable.

Map of Armenzano

This year 2019-20, as usual, The Living Nativity of Armenzano will take place between Christmas and Epiphany (December 26, 30 – January 1 from 16:30 to 19:00); for info on the program and details about past editions visit the official Proloco of Armenzano: or Facebook.

November 26th, 2019

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