Valentine's Day - Assisi

Valentine’s Day, feast of lovers in Umbria

Saint Valentine, patron of lovers, was Umbrian and in Umbria this feast is deeply felt.

The present Valentine’s Day is inspired by the ancient Lupercali on February 15, the feast of the Roman period linked to the purification of the fields and fertility rites. In order for the year was favorable, that day, women and men, followers of God Lupercus, were chosen by lot to forming new couples, who had to live in intimacy for a whole year. The next year it took place a new draw, and it blessed new couples. Around Century V, the Pope annulled the pagan ceremony and he proclaimed, the day before the feast, a new festival in honor of boyfriends, lovers and betrothed, entrusting to St. Valentine, the saint of that day, their care and protection.

Valentine's Day - Umbria

Valentine, a native of Terni bishop and martyr of Century II, dedicated his life to the apostolate and to the diffusion of Christianity in Umbria. He brought comfort to the oppressed and he healed the sick by faith (Valentine comes from the Latin “valere” that means “well in health”). He is the patron saint of love and protector of lovers all over the world; many are the episodes in which the saint united people and reconciled broken loves.

Terni and Umbria celebrate Valentine’s Day with the “Valentine’s events“, a full calendar of religious-cultural-musical initiatives and sporting activities, with the aim of expressing love in all its forms. The celebrations go on for the entire month of February 2020: concerts of classical music, jazz and rock, dance, showrooms and fashion shows, a parade of vintage cars, love and chocolate at Cioccolentino, tastings, kitchen classes, Nordic Walking and Valentine’s Marathon, cycling, insights on love poems, filters, formulas, rites and small tricks of magic to enchant your partner.

Saint Valentine Church - Terni
Saint Valentine Church – Terni

The event most attended and followed is the Feast of the Promise. Every year, in the basilica which houses the remains of St. Valentine, hundreds of bride and groom exchange the promise of love. Other people celebrate the milestone of the silver and gold wedding and they renew the commitment of their union.

Valentine’s Day is a feast that suits perfectly to Assisi, symbol of peace and love. How romantic is strolling hand in hand through the narrow streets of the old town, dining by candlelight in the typical restaurants and watching the sun set brush of colors the rolling hills of Subasio.

Sunset Assisi

This year the feast of February 14, 2020 falls immediately before the Carnival. To choose the destination of your stay, you can see a selection of cottages, bed and breakfasts and apartments in Assisi.

February 5th, 2020

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