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Valtopina – Show of Hand Embroidery and Artisanal Textile

Appointment related to tradition and territory, the Show of Hand Embroidery and Artisanal Textile of Valtopina is a highly significant event for the district of the Subasio and beyond. Together with the Fair on the truffle, they make Valtopina an exhibition center with the quality and typicality of Umbrian agriculture and handicrafts.

The exhibition is organized by the School of Embroidery, born in Valtopina in 1996 to Pro Loco Association initiative. The school has the intention of recovering the art of embroidery, once widely in the territory. It promotes knowledge of this ancient art, through courses, research, conferences, workshops, publications. The work of its teachers and students have appeared in several magazines. Between experimentation and tradition, they have established over time fruitful collaborations with teachers from other regions and other countries.

Embroidery exhibition

The Embroidery School, in addition to organizing the show, also has the merit of having promoted the birth of the local Museum of Embroidery and Textiles, housed in the Town Hall Valtopina. Opened in 2007, it brings together an interesting collection of artefacts dating from between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the result of several private donations. They are exposed: bridal finery, blouses, corsets, bust covers, headphones and household linen. Fascinate the beautiful dresses decorated with lace, demonstrating a surprising modernity.

Embroidery Museum of Valtopina
Embroidery Museum of Valtopina

The Embroidery Museum of Valtopina has a classroom, where you play the courses held by the teachers of the school. In addition to the antique collection, the Museum collects contemporary embroideries from the competition “Embroidering Umbria”. In conjunction with the show, in fact, it also takes place the Competition “Embroidering Umbria” that invites embroiderers and lace makers to create small masterpieces inspired by the Umbria region.

The Exhibition of Hand Embroidery and Artisan Textile is an opportunity of meeting and human and cultural enrichment. It caters to handloom weavers, embroiderers in, for commercial operators in the textile sector and to enthusiasts of these arts.

Embroidery school

The exhibition is held in the sports hall of Valtopina in the days: 30-31 August, 3-4 September 2018.

THURSDAY August 30
8:00pm Dinner of the embroiderer

FRIDAY August 31
10:30am Inauguration XVIII Exhibition and opening of “the places of the Wire”
9:30pm Défilé: dresses and vintage lingerie

Saturday, September 1
10:30am Cultural Encounter: Reflections on textiles
4:30pm Wire games: children’s workshops

Sunday, September 2
11:00am Award National Competition “Embroidering Umbria”
Awarding “Teachers of Wire 2018”

July 5th, 2018

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  1. Hello, I am writing about the Show of Hand Embroidery and Artisanal Textile. Does this run yearly or bi-yearly and is it running in 2018? If so, what would the date be. Regards, Caroline

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