Armenzano emotions under the stars - walk in the woods

Armenzano Emotions Under the Stars

From many years, the summer of Umbria has been enriched by an event different from the usual: Armenzano Emotions Under the Stars. Those days, the town surrounded by the Mount Subasio Park, already famous for its Living Nativity, comes alive with exhibitions, markets, children’s shows. The Stars are the true protagonists of the event.
The unique and unmissable event is the Night Walk in the paths of the woods.

Armenzano emotions under the stars

In the light of the torches you can deeply discover the unspoiled nature and, from a privileged view, you can see the beautiful sky of Subasio. The Armenzano local tourist association, together with cultural associations and amateur astronomers, prepares many places with animations and acted scenes that will delight the path.

Armenzano emotions under the stars - hiking in the woods

During Armenzano Emotion Under the Stars, you can watch theatrical performances inside the castle. For fans, the group “Friends of the Mountain” and the CAI of Foligno organize excursions to the summit of the mountain. During the event, experts astronomers, thanks to their professional telescopes, will lead participants through the beauty of the sky.
In the village they are active refreshments and kiosks for buy the local products. Do not miss the fabulous umbrian Torta al Testo with sausage and herb that is realy the end of the world!

Armenzano Emotion Under the Stars 2019 will take place:

Saturday, July 27
Afternoon: opening markets and exhibitions, entertainment for children with puppets and magic tricks.
Evening: opening refreshment; night walk with amateur Astronomers of Antares and shows of art and dance.

Sunday, July 28
Afternoon: opening markets and exhibitions, entertainment for children, educational farm.
Evening: opening-dining, theater in the streets of the castle, observation of the sky guided by amateur astronomers of Subasio.

For information on past editions I recommend you visit the website or the Facebook page of Proloco di Armenzano.

July 16th, 2019

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