Landscape Armenzano - Park Mount Subasio Assisi

Subasio – Journey of discovery

For many years now we come on holiday in Umbria, we visited most of the countries best known as Assisi, Gubbio, Spello … but obviously we have not even left out the small villages that characterize the zone as Panicale, Bevagna, Montone, Collepino … The point of base for our exploration is from years, the B&B “Il Sentiero of Armenzano”
located precisely at Armenzano on Mount Subasio.

Town Armenzano - Park Mount Subasio Assisi

We have known this town only last year, because after so many laps here and there into the region, in conjunction with advancing age, we decided it was time to slow down a bit, because we may not need to go far to see fantastic places. We started the discovery of Mount Subasio mainly exploring the surroundings of the B&B. Then we visited for the first time the beautiful village of Armenzano, discovering a delightful town rich in history and ancient perfumes.

Elizabeth and Spettro - Park Mount Subasio Assisi

Enraptured by what we saw, we continued our adventure by placing in the paths that cross the Subasio. Made little road we meet one that was love at first sight, our friend Spectrum, a no longer young mutt who followed us for hours to discover the mountain indicating alternative routes.

Nottiano - Mount Subasio Park Assisi

Spectrum showed us the village of Nottiano, located near Armenzano. A place linked, as other Subasio places, to St. Francis of Assisi. Right here Francesco, around 1220, met John who became Blessed John of Nottiano said “The Simple”. For many persons Nottiano is a “agglomeration of dilapidated and abandoned houses” but for us, that we pause to look at it with different eyes, it’s definitely a magical place where the past and present life intertwine almost without border, it is not so strange find, among ruins of ancient time, beekeepers that today produce a delicious honey, houses dedicated to summer camps and prayer meetings.

Landscape Armenzano - Park Mount Subasio Assisi

The charm of the Subasio and of these places is definitely timeless, a beauty that left us speechless because, as we like to always say: “The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” and … after so many years we can finally say that we could see with different eyes.

July 17th, 2015

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