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Agriumbria fair: food, agriculture, livestock

Umbria has always been devoted to agriculture, animal husbandry and food, excelling at the national level in the quality and typicality of earth products. Agriumbria is the main trade fair exhibition of this productive sector and gathers exhibitors from all over Italy. The exhibition traces the tradition of cattle markets which attracted up from ‘800 in Bastia, a city at the foot of Subasio Park, ranchers and farmers across the Umbrian central valley.

The agro-livestock event is now housed in the Maschiella Trade Fair Centre of Bastia Umbra, complex that, from sixties, has developed gradually around the event, becoming the principal exhibition area of Umbria.

Bastia Umbra fair

Agriumbria offers a rich calendar of events: conferences, workshops, demonstrations, tastings, exhibitions, and events. There are over 400 exhibitors, representing approximately 1200 brands, with the presence of about 300 head of cattle, as well as pigs, sheep and farmyard animals.

In the livestock sector, it is a primary importance event and it is an opportunity for professionals, to discuss the results obtained with the rearing techniques, increasingly optimizing natural and environmental resources. The program includes national and interregional exhibitions, shows and contests with the presence of all beef Italian beef breeds. Among the most important events we are: the Chianina Interregional Show Cattle, the Interregional Exhibition of Italian Friesian breed, the Exhibition of sheep and goat for milk production ability.


The fair offers the best technological innovation for agricultural mechanization, with exhibition areas of machinery and equipment specific to the type of work: Oleatec (olive growing and plant for processing olives), Enotec (viticulture and oenology), Bancotec (processing, conservation and display food products), Apitec (hive and honey processing) and other exhibition spaces with technological solutions to suit every type of farm.

Agriumbria is also the showcase of an Umbrian and Italian agri-food rich in products with strong local identity, characterized by high quality, innovation and traceability. It gives special emphasis to food products obtained in a sustainable way, in compliance with environmental, animal welfare and public health.

Agricultural exhibition

In the “village friend campaign” it has exposed the best of Made in Umbria: cheese, extra virgin olive oil, meats, vegetables, jams, honey, baked goods, plants and flowers.

Agriumbria 2019, Exhibition of Agriculture, Livestock and Food turns on from 29 to 31 March (9:00am to 7:00pm).

March 19th, 2019

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  1. Hi i am interested in knowing when the 2019 show is on? I am particularly interested in the Chianina National Exhibition. I wish to travel to the 2019 show as I am a breeder in North Queensland in Australia, therefore I would like to start planning my trip.


  2. Hi,
    Indo Britain swine breeder is one of the large breeder in north India and we supply to domestic market.
    So now, we want make work on large scale with help of Italian techniques so that`s why, we will visit to this show, 2019. and we are planing for travel and collect the more data.
    Kindly suggest to us that how can register to our company for this show.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Warm Regards

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