Food Truck Festival

Assisi Food Truck Festival and Village

Umbria, land rich in history and traditions, this june shows its versatility by proposing an in bucking demonstration: the Assisi Food Truck Festival, which therefore raises expectations and curiosity.

The Street Food Mania is, in fact, a recent trend; the idea of building colourful trucks to sell food on the streets was born in California in the 60s, but only in recent times it has come back powerfully present. Today, colourful and tasty travelling villages invade the streets all over the world, offering culinary excellence of two, three or four wheels.

Itinerant kiosk

Many dishes for every taste take to the streets; top touring chefs will offer: delicious appetizers, gourmet sandwiches, pizza, mortazza, sushi, fried of land and sea, Sicilian arancini, American barbecue, tartare of fassona, delicious desserts, fried dumplings, Puglia’s bowlers, for lovers of street food, according to tradition of the best Italian and international cuisine.

The most powerful Italian and International Food Trucks will park on August 29 to September 1, 2019, in front of the Palaeventi Lyric Theatre of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi, offering the best street dishes.

Wheels village

The legendary pickup trucks and travelling kiosks today recall many fans of finger food in Italy and abroad, but this fashion is succeeding in attracting gourmands of all kinds. In vintage style, these beautiful vans are colourful with custom graphics, some one retro and some else with authentic design. With fully equipped kitchens and large verandas where you can taste the meat, in a moment they turn into restaurants on wheels, true movable bistros suitable for a quick and economic meal, on tradition and quality.

Food truck

The Umbrian Street Food Mania, absolute novelty in the festival of street food, is completed by the Assisi Food Truck Award: a jury of experts, together with the visiting public, will choose the best gourmet itinerant kiosk which will have the honour to participate to the “Street Food Festival” in Lausanne.

Not only food in the four days on the road at Assisi but also: performance arts, live music, meetings, tastings and events for children. It will also space for social issues, with cultural associations and non-profit organization that will finance a food truck to help children with psycho-social problem.

Street food

Do not you want to attend the event and Umbria, the agritourisms of Assisi and Subasio await you.

August 26th, 2019

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