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Saint Bernardino’s feast of Valtopina

The ancient Valle del Topino in Duchy of Spoleto remembers its medieval past with the Palio of Saint Bernardino, an historic event that takes place the first week of July to commemorate the saint patron against the plague in which citizens of Valtopina have always been devotees.

The Commune was born around centuries XI and XIII by the union of castles, churches, monasteries and hill towns near the Subasio; it is still a country rich in tradition and rooted in its origins, Continue reading Saint Bernardino’s feast of Valtopina

June 23rd, 2016

Joust of the Quintana in Foligno

The Quintana is the joust with the ring most difficult and challenging of Italy and it takes place twice a year in Foligno.

10 districts (Ammanniti, Badia, Cassero, Contrastanga, Croce Bianca, Giotti, La Mora, Molupo, Pugilli, Spada) race for the drape of victory, with its horse-rider combination.

During the competition, each contender has to ride through the insidious track, shaped like an 8, named “Campo de li Giochi” of Foligno. At the intersection of the two diagonals Continue reading Joust of the Quintana in Foligno

April 11th, 2018

Planet Earth Week festival – Geopaleontology Exhibition

The Planet Earth Week is the Italian Geoscience festival (10/14-21/2018) with events all over the country; the Monte Subasio regional park is one of the main protagonist. During this week, a lot of diffent events will take place such as: tours to historical towns, museums, and research institutes as well as hexibitions, conferences, workshops, meetings, brainstorms, and social dinners. Futhermore, childrens and teens will be able to join hands-on-lab experiments, art and music activities Continue reading Planet Earth Week festival – Geopaleontology Exhibition

October 14th, 2018

Popular festivals of Subasio: San Giovanni, Grosse Cerque, Nottiano

The popular tradition is much felt in the Mount Subasio area. In June an July, at San Giovanni di Spello, Armenzano, Costa di Trex e Porziano, we celebrate, from several decades, many events by ancient flavour.

The weekend following the June 24, San Giovanni of Spello, known as “Paradise of pink stone”, celebrates its patron St. John the Baptist. This is an event full of initiatives in the sign of the friendship, but especially the Umbrian tradition. Continue reading Popular festivals of Subasio: San Giovanni, Grosse Cerque, Nottiano

June 19th, 2018

Narcissus between nature and myth

I dedicated the previous article to the cornflower because it’s my favorite flower, now we talk and know more closely, the king and the undisputed symbol of Subasio: the Narcissus.

Its name is synonymous of self-esteem, vanity and alas inability to love. Ovid, in the third book of the Metamorphoses, tells the story of this beautiful young man, son of the river Cephisus and the nymph Liriope. Many were the suitors of Narcissus, including the nymph Echo, who because of her loquacity  Continue reading Narcissus between nature and myth

January 24th, 2015

Plants and flowers – Cornflower

I do not know how many of you remember it, but I remind very well these strokes of blue in the fields in front of my grandparents’ house in Armenzano, now unfortunately we see many less, but I still find someone, perhaps near poppies. Let us find together the origins and secrets of this beautiful flower. Cornflower name probably comes from the French “fleur de lys” (flower of lily), the specific name is “Centaurea cyanus” where cyanus comes from greek “kyanos” (substance dark blue), referring to the predominant color of these flowers even if is not the only one.
Continue reading Plants and flowers – Cornflower

January 24th, 2015

Crusher Open – Umbrian Extra virgin oil feast

The gastronomy event Crusher Open is the absolute protagonist of the Umbrian November. This month is dedicated to the olive harvest and the extra virgin oil production; it is the most popular typical product of the Assisi‘s area and one of the most characteristic of Umbria.

The brand “Hills Assisi-Spoleto“, the DOP that characterizes this zone, providing for a strict composition of varieties (cultuvar) of olives (Moraiolo of at least 60%, Frantoio and Leccino for a maximum of 30%) which give the oil produced an intense fruity aroma. Continue reading Crusher Open – Umbrian Extra virgin oil feast

October 17th, 2018

Subasio – coexistence between man and flora

Man’s relationship with Mount Subasio also concerns the flora; on one side the practice of tillage and sheep and on the other the culture collection especially of flowers, over the years have led to the disappearance of many plant species and the presence of other. After the Middle Ages in fact there has been a depletion of the variety and amount of vegetation on the mountain; the real work of reforestation began during the First World War Continue reading Subasio – coexistence between man and flora

January 24th, 2015