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Holiday stay in Assisi: bed and breakfast – villas – farmhouses – apartments

Assisi every year is visited by millions of people. St. Francis was born in this city and everything here talks about him. The splendid Basilica dedicated to the Patron Saint of Italy is the flagship and the visiting card of the city of Saint Francis, but Assisi has much more to offer to its visitors.


Do not miss the Cathedral of San Rufino, the oldest church in Assisi where Francis was baptized; the New Church, which is next to the family home of the Saint; the Church of Saint Clare where lies the most famous follower of the Franciscan Order and hosting the crucifix that spoke to a son of a rich merchant who had never thought of being so close to God. By the way, we forgot our San Damiano’s sanctuary: “Go and repair my church.” Other beauties: the Portiuncula, the Chapel of the Transit, the Rose Garden of the miracle of the roses without thorns, the Sacred Hovel, the Temple of Minerva.

But enough with the churches, we go back to the Middle Ages with the imposing Major Castle and the museums full of Renaissance artwork. Even further back in time, we visit the Roman city hidden under current Assisi : the theater, the amphitheater, the circus, the forum and the domus.
What an effort to be a tourist, let’s take a little break and we take the opportunity to taste the delicacies of Umbrian cuisine in the restaurants of the center and in the trattorias of traditional country cooking.
What we prefer, however, is the nature of the Park of Mount Subasio that St. Francis liked so much: the hermitages, the sinkholes, pastures summit by the beautiful landscape, the torrents, the fields of olive trees as far as the eye.

Assisi holiday in the nature

Among the many alternatives that Assisi offers, we propose here a few family-run cottages, villas, bed and breakfast and apartments where to stay. You can enjoy the simple and sincere hospitality, typical of our beautiful Umbria, to make you feel at home.

Happy Holidays in the green Umbria

October 30th, 2020